Veterans’ Voices: We empower the men and women who have served our country with a sense of connection and pride through shared music and poetry, in public forums, jails, and closed psychiatric wards.
Voices for Veterans: We advocate for the needs of veterans on the local and national level, and sponsor research into the effectiveness of music and music therapy for Veterans.
Veterans Resources: We provide the most comprehensive national database of information about music and music therapy for Veterans.
Guitar Corps: We provide free online guitar lessons for beginners. We provide free a guitar to any Veteran who needs one.
Heroes’ Voices: Watch a video that tells our story.

The keel of my ship

Heroes’ Voices has always provided me with positive support and encouragement. Now music and poetry have become a tremendous asset on my path, and Heroes’ Voices has been the keel on my ship of creativity. I appreciate all that Heroes’ Voices has offered me, and to countless other veterans hoping to better their lives.

Robert Kaplan

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