Help us Help Veterans

Heroes’ Voices has been doing regular music workshops with our veterans that have mental health issues at hospital and community integration sites. 

Heroes Voices has been especially effective for our Veterans with mental health issues, helping them to increase their coping and their sense of community, as well as gaining or re-gaining increased functioning in important life roles.  

A greater ability to appreciate and take part in creating music has meant that not only do they have a sense of mastery lacking for many in their lives, but Veterans have also been able to generalize this skill to other life roles, improving in their ability to interact with family, friends, employers and others.

Dan Evenhouse, LCSW, CPRP
Director of Community Based Services, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, San Francisco VA Medical Center
Thank you for your financial support. You make it possible for us to bring the gift of music to veterans by underwriting:

  • Music and poetry workshops for veterans at VA facilities and in the community.
  • Free guitars, free harmonicas, and free music lessons to veterans in need.
  • Music performances in closed hospital wards and hospices at VA centers.
  • Research to help us understand how to best use music therapy to help veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Administrative overhead. While our operating expenses are extremely low at about XX%, there are some unavoidable costs.
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