Guitar Lessons

Welcome to the Heroes’ Voices – Guitar Corps site. These are the first in a series of free guitar lessons created especially for veterans by master guitar teacher Larry Chung. The lessons begin with the basics on how to learn to play guitar, and in a few lessons you will be able to play entire songs. Watch for more lessons, which are added as they are created.

While these lessons are offered for free to veterans, anyone can access and use them. If you are not a veteran and you use these lessons, we hope you will make a donation to Heroes’ Voices to support our veterans.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the guitar

A brief tour of the guitar. How the guitar works and the different parts of the guitar.

Lesson 2 – Holding The Guitar

Holding the guitar. How to hold the guitar when you are playing it.

Lesson 3 – The Guitar Pick

How to hold a pick, different styles of picks and the muscle movements required to play with a pick

Lesson 4 – Playing guitar with the fingers

How to pick and strum the guitar using the fingers instead of a pick

Lesson 5 – An introduction to the guitar strings

How to pick and strum the guitar using the fingers instead of a pick

Lesson 6 – Tuning the guitar

How to tune each guitar string to the correct pitch

Lesson 7 – Plucking guitar strings

How to pluck guitar strings with a pick or with fingers

Lesson 8 – Strumming guitar strings

The basics for strumming the guitar with a pick or with fingers

Lesson 9 – Fretting the guitar

How to change the pitches of the strings using the frets on the neck of the guitar

Lesson 10 – Single string song

Learn to play the first song on one string, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

Lesson 11 – Simple Song: The Blue Angel

Learn another slightly more challenging song using what you’ve learned so far

Lesson 12 – Using chords

Exploring using chords, or strumming groups of notes at the same time. You learn three guitar chords in this lesson E, D and A

Lesson 13 – More chord

You learn and practice some new guitar chords and another new song using E minor, G, A, C and B7

Lesson 14 – A few more chords

You learn and practice another new song using E minor, G and C

Lesson 15 – Even more chords

You learn some new chords and a new song using A minor, C, D, F and E