Poem: Untitled

by Jennifer Wiesner

They’re voices in my head-head-head-
Sometimes I feel I’m dead-dead-dead-
Am I watching a TV-TV-TV-
Or am I in a deep sleep-sleep-sleep?

I’m not doing well-well-well-
I feel like I’m in hell-hell-hell-
I’m not doing good-good-good-
Cause I’m misunderstood-stood-stood.

Just sitting in my bed-bed-bed-
Thinking about that they said-said-said-
And what I should have read-read-read-
Or is my mind just overfed-fed-fed?

Boy I miss my sister,
If I could just not hit her
Sometimes when we fight
It can last all night

Screaming at each other in the hall
Or knocking each other into the wall
We might end up in jail
Stay a night in the Grey Bar Hotel

Feel like starting in my hood,
And then going to Hollywood
And singing my song
It might not be very long

Images in my mind
Feel like I’m doing time
The Devil’s my jail keeper
Wish I didn’t have to be here.

Pictures are like a video
Making me look like a hoe
Satan must be loving this
When I find him I’m going to cut his

Now they’re torturing everyone
Wish I was on an island of one
At least they’re out of my brain
Everyone now is going insane

Are they angels and demons?
Wish I could see them
Sometimes I wonder
If they’ll stop before I’m 6’ under

Some people hate me
But they don’t know me
I’m a real angel
Just got a bad label.