Vocal Ensembles

Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images
Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Heroes’ Voices is reaching out across America to connect Veterans with existing vocal ensembles in their communities, and helping Veterans who wish to create new vocal groups. Heroes’ Voices is leading performance workshops where Veterans can explore solo and ensemble singing, writing and speaking poetry, song writing, and even how to sing lullabies to their children.

Outreach to Veterans

Warrior Canine Program for veterans
Photo by Lisa Bottom

Heroes’ Voices is creating a database with information for Veterans about vocal ensembles in their communities. We publish links to news articles about Veterans and music, other music-oriented Veteran’s organizations, and providers of music therapy. Heroes’ Voices facilitates Veterans performing for other Veterans. Finally, Heroes’ Voices is devoted to creating cooperative relationships on a national level to other service organizations, to share perspectives, resources and strategies. We bring significant value to Veterans, and while raising the public’s awareness and support for the important work of serving Veterans through music.

Therapeutic Services

Photo by Lucas Kretch
Photo by Lucas Kretch

Heroes’ Voices is creating a database of hospitals, clinics and music therapists specializing in “Vocal Music Therapy” for PTSD and other Veterans’ health issues. In addition, Heroes’ Voices is working to create and support new venues that provide music therapy for Veterans.

Guitar Corps

Guitar-Corps-1Guitar Corps provides Veterans with free guitars and free guitar lessons offered by our partners and donors. Please contact us if you are a veteran interested in learning to play guitar, or if you have a fine used guitar that you would like to donate.