Meeting at VA Palo Alto Health Care System

VA_MenloPark_sliderIn June 2013, Director, Rick Harrell and Dr. Lynne Morrow had a meeting at the beautiful VA Palo Alto Health Care System Campus in Menlo Park.  They were graciously welcomed by Jocelyn Reyes-Pagsolingan, Supervisor of Recreation Therapy and their two Music Therapists, Beth Hardy and Kristin Grillo. After getting acquainted and sharing a few ideas, they got down to some serious planning. During the meeting they decided to create a series of workshops for Veterans this fall and beyond.  Some of the music and poetry created in these workshops will be performed for Veterans and their families on Veteran’s Day in November. In addition, we will be working with Veterans who wish to participate in the National Veterans’ Creative Arts Festival. Jocelyn, Beth and Kristin generously offered to work with us in connecting with the Veterans’ community, and advising us on the content and direction of the workshops.