Guitar Corps Makes Music Online

This week Heroes’ Voices will begin offering free guitar lessons to veterans online.

For the last six years, Heroes’ Voices has been providing free guitars and free guitar lessons to veterans, bringing music into the lives of many men and women who selflessly served our country. Research we sponsored at the Menlo Park VA showed that participants in our guitar lessons experienced a notable increased sense of well-being and camaraderie, two things that are especially important during these difficult times.

Heroes’ Voices has been conducting “Guitar Corps” lessons at the War Memorial Veterans Building in San Francisco, the San Bruno VA Clinic, the Menlo Park VA, and Humboldt State University. 

Of course, all of these lessons have been postponed indefinitely because of the current health crisis.

Heroes’ Voices has also given free guitars to veterans and to veterans’ residential treatment programs and to shelters that serve homeless veterans throughout northern California. We have shipped free guitars to disabled veterans as far away as Oklahoma.

Please take a moment to watch this Heroes’ Voices video about Guitar Corps:

Heroes’ Voices needs your help to reach veterans with online “Guitar Corps” lessons. Many vets who have expressed interest in our online program do not have easy access to home computers; others don’t have guitars. 

Heroes’ Voices would like to make iPads and guitars available to veterans so they can participate in our online lessons. We currently have only a small inventory of guitars we can give to veterans, but shipping costs are high (about $75 per guitar). A very basic iPad costs around $300. The average cost of each guitar that we give to a veteran is about $250.

Can you help us? Group lessons, even online lessons on Zoom, mean so much to homebound veterans! With your support, we can continue to touch the lives of veterans and combat their isolation with the healing power of music.

Please make a donation now, or send a check to:
     Heroes’ Voices
     135 Terra Vista Ave.
     San Francisco, CA 94115

Thank you! Your gift will help us reach veterans who are more isolated than ever during these difficult times.