Making Music with Veterans: The New Normal

Heroes’ Voices has touched the lives of thousands of veterans over the last eight years. We have continued this important work despite the considerable challenges we faced this last year and a half.

We maintain our robust “Guitar Corps” programming that reaches veterans all over the country.  This program offers free guitars and guitar lessons to veterans via Zoom. We provide guitars and group sessions to all veterans who want to bring the healing power of music into their lives. Our participants include veterans from the Vietnam era to vets who were recently in Middle Eastern conflicts.

While we miss our dynamic in person classes, Zoom allows us to reach veterans far beyond the San Francisco Bay Area.  The pandemic has not stopped us from providing free guitars to Veterans! We are still able to make “House Call” deliveries to nearby vets and ship guitars to veterans wherever they may be. We have shipped guitars to vets in Tennessee, Texas and Arizona, just to name a few!

Heroes’ Voices was able to begin some new in person singing sessions at the Colma Veteran’s Village and look forward to continuing our weekly sessions at the San Francisco County Jail.

A new service we have been asked to provide is that of giving computer tablets to veterans who do not have access to computers at home.

Heroes’ Voices enjoys a strong association with local, regional, and national veteran’s organizations, and we hope to rejuvenate more cooperative programming as restrictions from the pandemic continue to lift.

We need your help!

2020 was a challenging year, but we have continued to face daunting challenges in 2021. So many Veterans continue to struggle, and COVID continues to make their lives even harder. Please help us as we continue to do the work of healing that so many Veterans need. Your gift can make a difference in the life of a Veteran.

On this Veteran’s Day, we hope you will consider supporting Heroes’ Voices so we can continue to touch the lives of Veterans with the gift of music. Please help us spread the word about our programs and help us get free guitars and computer tablets into the hands of Veterans.

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