Veterans’ Voices: We empower the men and women who have served our country with a sense of connection and pride through shared music and poetry, in public forums, jails, and closed psychiatric wards.
Voices for Veterans: We advocate for the needs of veterans on the local and national level, and sponsor research into the effectiveness of music and music therapy for Veterans.
Veterans Resources: We provide the most comprehensive national database of information about music and music therapy for Veterans.
Guitar Corps: We provide free online guitar lessons for beginners. We provide free a guitar to any Veteran who needs one.
Heroes’ Voices: Watch a video that tells our story.

You Guys Got Soul

It’s moving to hear [my colleagues] get up and bear out their souls about what they’ve been through, what war has done to them, their families, and their friends. You guys got soul. Ain’t no getting around that. The whole experience was just awesome!

Don Davison

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