Heroes’ Voices awarded two important grants

Heroes’ Voices is delighted to announce that it has been awarded two generous grants, one from the California Arts Council and one from the Palo Alto Community Fund.

The California Arts Council has awarded Heroes’ Voices $10,000 as part of their Veterans Initiative in the Arts program, providing support for nonprofit organizations to reach veterans, active military, and their families. This grant will help sponsor Heroes’ Voices second annual National Veterans Poetry Contest in 2018. You can read more about this award in press release from the California Arts Council.

Hundreds of poems from veterans all over the country were submitted to the recently-completed Heroes’ Voices National Veteran’s Poetry Contest, competing for the top prize of $1,000. Selected poems will soon be printed in a limited publication. Heroes’ Voices just presented two culminating performances of music and poetry entitled The Soldier’s Journey. Both the performance at the General’s Residence at Fort Mason in San Francisco, and the one at the Hylton Performance Arts Center at George Mason University in Virginia were very warmly received.

The Palo Alto Community Fund has renewed its support of Heroes’ Voices for a second year with a grant of $7,500. This generous grant supports the music and poetry workshops presented at the Menlo Park Veterans Administration. For over three years Heroes’ Voices has presented singing, and poetry workshops, as well as free “Guitar Corps” lessons for vets at Menlo Park. Heroes’ Voices also sponsored a research project on music and PTSD in cooperation with the Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research.

Thanks in large measure to this generous support of the Palo Alto Community Fund, Heroes’ Voices can continue to serve veterans at the Menlo Park VA.

All of us at Heroes’ Voices are greatly moved by the award of these grants and look forward to continuing our work with veterans.